Automated Index Tuning


A database management system provides an excellent means to organize a large amount of data and access it quickly. In some cases, it is only possible to maintain acceptable performance if an expert system administrator spends time tuning the system, i.e., selecting features and configuring parameters in a way that improves the overall system performance. A crucial step in the tuning process is the selection of indexes that allow important portions of the data to be found quickly. Index selection is often a hard problem, requiring extensive knowledge of the database system's internals and the applications that access the database.

This research project aims to develop tools in order to make index tuning easier and more effective. Our work has focused on online techniques that monitor the actual queries submitted to the system and automatically choose indexes that are expected to improve the performance of the current workload. The techniques that we have developed have been integrated in the PostgreSQL database management system.

The project is funded by a grant from the Los Alamos National Laboratories, by NSF award IIS-1018914, by an AWS in Education research grant, and by gifts from IBM, NEC and Oracle.


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